How to prep your car for a stress-free summer road trip

Ah, the memories of family summer vacations, piled into the biggest car you own, packed full with luggage and beach gear galore. There’s just no denying that spending quality time on the road with your loved ones creates a lot of memories—and sand—that last a lifetime (seriously, what’s with all the sand?!). Prep your car for the long journey by following these tips and enjoy your much-needed time off as stress-free as possible for a stress-free summer road trip.

Check your fluids

Oil, break, blinker (just kidding…?)—we all know these are crucial liquids a car needs to properly run, so it’s wise to get to checking them before putting the rubber to the road. One important note to consider: oil needs to be the appropriate summer grade, so make sure you have the right viscosity recommended for the hot temperatures during your summer road trip.

Check your tires

Nobody wants a flat tire out in the middle of nowhere, so it’s important to check your car’s tire pressure, alignment, and tread. Wondering how to properly check the tread? Use the Penny or Quarter test: if you insert your coin of choice into the groove of the tire and it hits a certain spot, you’ll know exactly how much tread left and if you need to replace your tires. Don’t end up like Ralphie and his old man with the lug nut situation, and keep the “Oh fudge!” comments at bay.

Stop the, “Are we there yet?”s

Creating little games and knick-knacks from your favorite mint tin is as easy and inexpensive as visiting your local dollar store, and it’ll keep your kids occupied and keep them from asking, “Are we there yet?” for the fifteen-thousandth time. Checkers, dress-up dolls, felt homes…the opportunities are endless. Now’s your time to shine, creative mama. Your summer vacation will be here before you know it, so make sure you’re prepared and not rushing to prep your car the night before. And, if you’re in a Clark Griswold-type situation trying to find a great car for that long-haul and looking to upgrade your current ride, let Carvenience know. We’ll be happy to give you a quote on your vehicle instantly so you can buy that classic Station Wagon and hit the road ASAP. Happy travels—and don’t forget about the luggage on top of the car.