How to sell my car now

How to sell my car

It’s finally time for you to sell your car, and you’d like to do it now. Knowing these five simple things about your ride before you reach out to potential buyers or list your ride on a third-party website will help you sell your car quickly and easily.

Your ride’s lifestyle

No, we’re not talking about whether your car likes long rides on the beach or prefers binge watching the latest show on a Friday night. Potential buyers are usually searching for a car based on their lifestyle needs, like whether they want a luxury SUV, a full-size pick-up, or a four-door sedan. Knowing how to categorize your ride will help buyers easily search for the type of car they desire.

A list of features

Not all cars of the same year, make, and model are the same. Some come with specific trims and packages that include specific features like leather or cloth seats, sun or moon roofs, Bluetooth technology, and other special features. Potential buyers want to know these details, as well as any aftermarket add-ons, so they understand what they do and don’t get when purchasing your car.

Odometer reading

A large amount of people looking to purchase a used car will take into consideration the current mileage on the vehicle to gauge if the price is right. An average of 13,000 miles per year is considered normal for many Americans, and the fewer miles the better, both for newer and older cars. It is also wise to consider this information when pricing your ride so you don’t list it too high or too low.

Access to the title

It’s easiest to sell your car when you owe nothing and have the title in-hand, however this is not always the case. In order to have access to the title, you will need to contact your loan company to find out the amount of your loan payoff. Once that has been paid, the lender will issue your title, and then you can proceed with transferring the title to the buyer after completing the sale. FYI, Carvenience will also handle the payoff for you so you don’t have to worry about it. We’re serious about that whole “easy” thing.

Pictures of the interior and exterior

Trying to sell your car without pictures is like adopting a pet without knowing what it looks like–you may know its exact age and breed, but without seeing photos you’ll have no idea what type of loving care it may need. Ensure you have photos of your ride (from not only the best angles, but every angle good, bad, or ugly), and make sure you have photographic proof of the special features you’ve listed.

Are you ready to sell your car now? Carvenience makes this process easy, fast, and safe. Having this information before you fill out our form will speed up the process, and you’ll have a quote from us instantly. So, take a few minutes to gather everything you need, and get started here.